PAMA famous asked questions

What happens during the fermentation process?

During the fermentation process Carbohydrates found in vegetables are being transformed by microorganisms into lactic acid. Many well-known foods such as cheese, wine, beer, sourdough, chocolate, kefir or our sauerkraut are produced by this process. Not only vegetables can be fermented but also meat or fish. In order to start this biochemical process, our organic vegetables are mixed with the highest quality sea salt. We don't use water or heat to make our gourmet ferments. The brine is just the juice from the vegetables extracted by massaging in the natural salt. The wild fermentation starts by adding salt to the vegetables. This protects the vegetables from rotting and developing mould. After 3 to 12 weeks in our controlled fermentation room, the healthy lactic acid bacteria transformed the vegetable into a tasty and preserved ferment. The lactic acid bacteria are therefore a natural preservative They ensure a good, fresh and sour taste. They are positive for our organism, gut microbiome and body.


Are the SUUR products organic?

All our ferments are certified organic and we are having regular inspections. Our vegetables and our ingredients (spices, etc.) come exclusively from organic and biodynamic producers who cultivate their crops in a sustainable way. For each product used, we must provide appropriate organic certifications. We produce the highest quality, our mission is: only the best for our customers! Therefore, we do not use any water to produce our Kraut and only the highest quality rock salt without additions of iodine, fluoride, folic acid, or e-ingredients.


How are we producing our Sauerkraut?

Since centuries vegetables have been preserved through fermentation. In times when there were no refrigerators, that was the most common method everywhere. The cellar was used as the refrigerator to keep food cool. Our products are never cooked or heated at any time! They are RAW and VEGAN! We peel and cut our vegetables, add fresh herbs and mix everything gently with natural salt (no extra water is added). We pay attention to the highest standards of hygiene and quality and are certified organic and IFS. We love what we do and try to transfer these positive vibes into our organic Love Craft Ferments.


Are SUUR products RAW and free from gluten and animal products?

Yes, our high products are RAW, they are not heated or pasteurised.
Yes, our high products are GLUTEN FREE

100% of our products contain NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS, so any vegan or raw food lover can consume our products without hesitation.


Do we use SALT?

For the "Wild Fermentation" we only use the well-known and high-quality natural deep-mined salt (rock salt). This is produced in a special process. It is free of iodine, fluoride, folic acid and e-substances. It's used in the top kitchens across the country.


What makes our products different?

In the supermarkets, freshly fermented vegetables are largely unknown and there are almost only canned foods from mass production, heated/pasteurised. These products are very long-lasting (some years) and therefore can not contain the high-quality probiotic lactic acid bacteria - these were completely destroyed by pasteurising them. Many important nutrients are lost. That's why you can only find our products in the fridge. 


What is the shelf life of our Krauts and how to store them?

Our premium vegetables are fermented for several weeks. No fast fermentation, only natural "Wild Fermentation" exclusively by adding our fine rock salt. After filling the Kraut into our glass jars, the jars are moved into the fridge and stored at  3-8 degrees celsius. We deliver our product to you just shortly after jarring. The fermentation process is stopped when the product is refrigerated, therefore, when delivering to you, we take special care to comply with this cold chain (shipping only with dpd-local 24h express). It is important to immediately move the product into the fridge after shopping on the organic market or after receiving our shipment. When the glass is closed, f.e. before the first opening, our product can be stored refrigerated for 2-9 months. After the first opening, the contents should be consumed within 7-12 days. We always recommend using a clean fork to remove vegetables from the glass jar and to push back vegetables from the inner edge of the glass so that it is tightly packed into the jar.



What happens if the cool chain is interrupted?

Our ferments will last a few hours or even days without cooling, so it's not a drama when the cold chain is interrupted. Just think of your ancestors, who did not know any refrigerators and stored sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables in the cellar for months. Nevertheless, maintaining the cold chain is important, because at higher temperatures, the activity in the jar increases, the living lactic acid bacteria starts the fermentation process, as a result, the lid might inflate and leakage can occur. This is natural in fermentation, it produces carbon dioxide, this leads to overpressure  and can blow up the lid or cause bubbling/fizzing when opening the jar. It's the same with Champagne. This is unpleasant, but has no impact on the quality of our products. However, should one of our 24-hour deliveries arrive late, we recommend that you do not consume the product and inform us by e-mail.
These are all signs of the bio-activity of our products and with regard to the consumption harmless. But: If you are not ready for it we recommend to continue to buy sterile and industrially produced vegetables! It's all about your health.
That is why it is important that you ensure to track your 24-hour delivery from us, so that the delivery can be received on time and the goods can be moved straight into the fridge. We always send an email after shipping with your tracking number, so that you can easily follow the shipment.


A white layer in the jar or film on top of my Kraut, what is it?

It can happen that a white layer forms (mostly at the bottom or top of the jar). It is not moulded but natural occurring yeast - it is harmless. You could eat this yeast without hesitation, but we recommend to remove it, the vegetables are safe to eat. Our ferments have "no" yeast added to them, this yeast is completely natural, thereby the liquid in the glass may appear slightly milky, this consistency has no effect on the Kraut, it still tastes delicious.


Does PAMA use starter cultures, water or vinegar in their Kraut?

NO! We do not use starter cultures to accelerate the fermentation.
NO! We do not use water (brine) to accelerate the fermentation.
NO! We do not use vinegar which is added to the cabbage or brine.

We ferment the old school way, just how we learned it from our grandmothers. Organic vegetables, premium salt, time and the fresh country side air help us to create our gourmet ferments.


Shipping and minimum order?

We ship out all PAMA online orders once a week, on Tuesday.

Shipping cost depends on your order value:



We only use DPD-Local as our shipping provider and all orders are shipped with 24h express service. You will receive all tracking details via email and text message.  


We do not offer returns on our products as we are sending out a fresh food product. please make sure to order the right item, check descriptions and contact us for any questions prior to your order. If there is any problem with your order please give us a shout and well sort it out!


We only want the deliver the best products to our customers, that's what we work for every day and we love what we do.


We are happy to hear from you, any feedback and questions are welcome. We are still learning every day. Please contact us at or through facebook messenger or instagram.

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