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PAMA Plant Based Kitchen ltd.

Beetroot & Ginger Love Craft Kraut

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Super-aromatic and in bright pink a real eye-catcher on the plate. In this Kraut, fibre and vitamin-rich white cabbage is fermented together with fresh beetroot.

In addition to a lot of vitamins, this also provides you with iron and lots of antioxidants. It has a blood-forming and antihypertensive effect and, thanks to betaine, also helps the liver and digestion. Ginger promotes blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

We love beetroot & ginger with potatoes, pumpkin, quiches and salads or with falafel and flatbread! Incidentally, the pink cabbage is also great in dips and dressings or even smoothies when mashed.

Ingredients: Cabbage*,  Beetroot (32%)*,  Natural Salt,  Fresh Ginger* (1,9%)

*Certified organic ingredients

Size: 270g

  • We¬†say NO¬†to PLASTIC and you can return our packaging to us.
  • Made with deep mined salt, it's rich in minerals and macronutrients which are retained¬†when dried. Guaranteed free of microplastics.
  • Contains live cultures enriched through the natural fermentation
  • We are planting 2 trees for every online order.¬†
  • We are proud Slow Food UK supporters.
  • Seasonal produce is sourced as local as possible
  • Unpasteurised &¬†RAW
  • Organic¬†certified
  • Vegan